Election ballots have a new look this year



Voting for local board members is one of the privileges you have as a member of your electric cooperative.  As in the past, ballots will be given, one per member number to those who attend the annual meeting on April 26 and 27.  Previously, supervised groups of employees counted the ballots at the close of the annual meeting.  This was a lengthy process after an already long day and required quite a bit of manpower to complete.

This year, a new process will be in place for ballot counting.  Pictured here is the ballot that will be distributed to members at the annual meeting.  As you can see there is a place to vote for three board seats, two that are unopposed and one with two members nominated for the one seat.  All members are eligible to vote for all three seats.  Pencils will be given out with the ballot so they can be marked by filling in the circle by the appropriate name.  Ballots will be secured in lock boxes until after the polls close each night.

Blue Ridge has engaged a company, Survey and Balloting Systems, to assist with ballot counting.  They already handle director elections for a number of cooperatives in South Carolina.  Using a scanning method, they will tabulate the votes and provide the final tabulation on the evening of April 27.  As always, our legal team as well as the candidates will be on hand during the counting if any questions arise during the counting process. 

Click here for more information about the Annual Meeting.  We look forward to welcoming you this year.