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beat the peak


Over the years, our homes have added more and more devices and equipment that need electricity to operate.  We have become increasingly dependent on electricity to function.  Our goal at Blue Ridge Electric Cooperative is to deliver power to your home 24/7, regardless of market conditions or other circumstances.

Just as power use fluctuates at your home, power use for the cooperative fluctuates based on consumer demand.  We must be able to meet the energy needs of all our

members during the times of highest use.  These “peak hours” are typically in the morning as people start their day and in the evening as people return home.

Electric utilities, including Blue Ridge Electric Co-op, typically pay more during these “energy rush hours.”  However, if everyone makes just a small change in their usage pattern, it can have a big impact on power costs.  That’s why we encourage you to use energy during non-peak, less costly periods through our Beat the Peak program.

It’s simple to participate.  Volunteers receive alerts letting them know when a peak is on the way.  In the summer, these peaks usually occur between 4 and 7 p.m. on the hottest days.  That’s when people come home, crank up the AC, bathe, and do laundry and dishes.  Simply delaying these tasks for a few hours helps to reduce power costs.  Since power costs impact rates, these actions to reduce energy use during peak demand times help keep rates stable.

Sign up for an easy way to help keep electricity affordable at  You will receive a peak alert notification by phone, text and/or email and can make small changes in your habits that will truly make a difference.