High School students will travel this summer

Six students within the Blue Ridge Electric Cooperative service area have been chosen to represent the co-op during two different summer activities designed to educate young men and women about electric cooperatives.  Following an application process that included an in-person interview, these six students were selected to go to either Washington, D.C. or Columbia to see first-hand what makes our business model so successful.

Start Saving This Winter

As national temperatures continue to drop, the demand to heat our homes and offices increases significantly. Save money this winter by making a few New Year’s resolutions to save energy.

1) Door Seals: Cold air can enter into the house through open cracks and gaps from doors, windows and floors. Simple, weather stripping and foam seals will reduce cold drafts and keep your home warmer.

Oconee Office is Growing

Blue Ridge Electric Cooperative made a commitment to Oconee County when, in 1986, it opened its doors on the new structure that would serve the surrounding communities.  The building was constructed by Thrift Brothers and offered customer service areas complete with drive-thru; floor space for linemen, dispatch, and other operations folks; and a warehouse and small truck shed.  System-wide, Blue Ridge served 35,247 mostly rural members at that time and had 38 employees working from the new Oconee District office.

Members can choose between Levelized and Budget Billing

At Blue Ridge Electric Cooperative, we have a strong awareness of our area climate’s ups and downs.  We recognize that residential members’ electric bills are mostly weather-driven.  Energy consumption is generally higher—usually noticeably so—in the “winter” months (December through March) and the “summer” months (June through September).  During what we call the “shoulder months” (April-May and October-November), household power use usually drops off quite a bit.