Members can choose between Levelized and Budget Billing

At Blue Ridge Electric Cooperative, we have a strong awareness of our area climate’s ups and downs.  We recognize that residential members’ electric bills are mostly weather-driven.  Energy consumption is generally higher—usually noticeably so—in the “winter” months (December through March) and the “summer” months (June through September).  During what we call the “shoulder months” (April-May and October-November), household power use usually drops off quite a bit.

Go Beyond the Card

THE CO-OP CONNECTIONS discount card program you know and love is better than ever. Take a minute to download the free Co-op Connections app right to your smartphone. Create an account and have access to thousands of discounts right at your fingertips. We are now going beyond the card with the new and improved program. Also, visit to see the revamped website.

Bad storm? Power's out?

Bad storm? Power’s out? Chances are we already know.

During the past year, Blue Ridge representatives along with additional contractors employed by the co-op have been busy changing residential meters.  The new meters being set are AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) units that provide a wealth of information to members and the co-op alike.  To date almost 44,000 have been changed to this new system with plans to complete the process in early 2019.