Upcountry Fiber makes its debut

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Upcountry Fiber


A couple of months ago in my report to you, I shared that Blue Ridge Electric Cooperative had embarked upon its initial broadband pilot program.  That undertaking was a gratifying success.  Now, I’m pleased to announce that we’re making strides toward bringing high-speed internet to greater numbers of clientele.

Blue Ridge is working in partnership with Abbeville-based West Carolina Rural Telephone Cooperative and its subsidiary, WCFIBER, to make this program a reality.  Our utilities have also selected a name for this service: “Upcountry Fiber”.  You’ll be hearing plenty more about Upcountry Fiber in the months and years to come.


Systematic installations

For the remainder of 2021, crews will be working systematically and simultaneously to install fiber cable in these three specific areas: 

  • Within a geographic footprint that includes many Blue Ridge Electric members served by our Corinth substation.  Corinth provides power to sections of easternmost Oconee County, situated generally along both sides of U.S. Highway 123.
  • Communities positioned mainly between the Pickens County municipalities of Central and Liberty. 
  • Southwestern Oconee County, where the cooperative’s Port Bass substation serves a substantial portion of the region that covers territory along the I-85 corridor and points north.


Meanwhile, WCFIBER representatives are actively signing up folks in these areas and making the internet connections to their locations.    By the time 2022 rolls around, we estimate that 4,500 customers will have been connected to the Upcountry Fiber system.  That represents some very good news. 

Our focus is also on Anderson County and northern Greenville County.  Those locations will eventually receive excellent service, as our installation work continues to expand.


The word is quality

Quality is a word that should always describe Upcountry Fiber.  I firmly believe that because we intend to connect the fiber cable itself directly to every home, industry, school, church, business, and fire department that requests it.  Moreover, our northwestern portion of South Carolina will be home to some of the best broadband service to be found anywhere in America.

The future of our Upcountry Fiber initiative certainly appears to be full of potential and promise.  Personally, I’m looking forward to the journey!


Jim Lovinggood

President CEO