Touchstone Energy Cooperative

Touchstone Energy Cooperative

Touchstone Energy


Blue Ridge Electric Cooperative is a Touchstone Energy® Cooperative.

In 1998, Blue Ridge Electric joined with other cooperatives across the nation to become a Touchstone Energy co-op.  Touchstone Energy is a national alliance of local, member-owned electric cooperatives committed to providing high standards of service at affordable rates to all customers,large and small. As independent, individual cooperatives, Touchstone Energy co-ops serve their members with integrity, accountability, innovation, and commitment to their communities. 


The Power of the Cooperative Network

Electric cooperatives serve:


905 Co-ops


47 States


42 Million People


"As a Touchstone Energy cooperative, we are proudly united with other electric cooperatives across the country who share our dedication to delivering quality, community-minded, personal, and responsive service," said Jim Lovinggood, president and CEO of Blue Ridge Electric. "The Touchstone Energy symbol provides us with a visible means of demonstrating and communicating to our customers the competitive edge we offer as a cooperative."

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