Surge Protection & Consultation

Surge Protection & Consultation

Surge Protection


Electronic equipment is a vital part of most manufacturing processes and computers are the lifelines of a business.

Power surges, over-voltages, from lightning and normal system operations can wreak havoc on production and other business functions. Surge Guard equipment offers protection 24 hours a day by diverting and limiting the effects of lightning surges, other than direct hits. In addition, equipment protection is provided against other electrical circuit disturbances. These may be caused by birds, animals and trees that may come in contact with power lines, accidents involving utility poles and even electrical disturbances created by neighboring businesses. Blue Ridge Electric has a variety of equipment devices that will meet your individual protection needs.

The following services are available to Blue Ridge Electric Cooperative commercial and industrial members:

  • A site survey and evaluation to identify all potential paths of damaging over-voltage.
  • Customized equipment including service entrance protection, point of use protection.
  • Appropriate grounding measures.