Surge Guard

Surge Guard

Surge Guard


Blue Ridge Electric Cooperative's Surge Guard program is designed to assist co-op customers in protecting their valuable electronic devices and appliances from over-voltage occurrences. Surges, or voltage spikes, can be imposed on the power line by unavoidable occurrences such as indirect lightning strikes, motors switching on and off, damage to power lines, etc. While there is no device that can totally eliminate surges from entering your home, Surge Guard suppression units can help.

Blue Ridge Cooperative's Surge Guard meter base protection is built around Meter Treater's meter base arrestor. With a meter base mounted unit, it is designed to help divert harmful surges to ground before they can enter your home. The unit provides LEDs to monitor the health of the unit.

The Surge Guard meter base arrestor package includes the following:

  • Installation of the Meter Treater Meter Based Surge Protection Device.
  • Measurement of existing ground resistance to ensure proper operation of the unit.
  • Installation of a new ground rod with Cadweld connection when needed.
  • Maintenance as required.

The cost for the above Surge Guard meter base arrestor package is a one-time installation charge of $50.00 and a fee of $6.50 facility charge for the single phase unit per month. This entitles you to continuous and maintenance-free Surge Guard Protection.

Surge Guard Program Application & Terms

Stop by one of our office locations or call our Member Services Center at 800-240-3400 to learn more about our Surge Guard program and surge protection products.