Solar Interconnect

Solar Interconnect

Roof Top Solar


Blue Ridge Electric Cooperative supports a balanced mix of resources for generating power, utilizing traditional means as well as emerging renewable technologies such as Green Power and Solar Interconnect.

An Application for Interconnection and the Interconnect Agreement must be filled out for approval of the system, and an application fee of $100 for residential and $250 for commercial/industrial must be submitted with each application. Additionally, prior to Blue Ridge's approval and system testing, a copy of proof that the system has been inspected and approved by the local building codes department is required. Finally, an outside disconnect for the solar system should be installed in close proximity to the meter.

If a Blue Ridge member decides to install a renewable power system for their home or business, the process to interconnect that system with Blue Ridge Electric Cooperative gets started here with these downloadable PDF documents:

Net Metering Rider that discusses the rate aspect for these connections
Typical System Diagram with Notes
Distributed Generation Application and Interconnect Agreement


Solar Interconnect Diagram

Click to view larger diagram with notes