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Before you switch to solar, know the red flags, and the right questions to ask.

Let our Energy Services Team help you make an informed decision about solar energy.  As Your Trusted Energy Experts, we will walk you through the process and help you understand the economics.  Have peace of mind and allow YOUR cooperative to help you make decisions about your solar energy needs.


Solar Energy

Are you ready to make the switch to solar? New solar systems will be interconnected to the Blue Ridge Electric system under the Net Billing Rider.  A member will receive an Excess Energy Credit for the energy produced by the system that is not consumed in the home each month.  The established Value of Renewable Generation to the Blue Ridge Electric Cooperative system is $0.051/kWh.

Step 1. The Member will submit a completed Application to Interconnect along with the following:

a. Application fee ($100.00 residential, $250.00 nonresidential)
b. Proof of personal-liability insurance ($100,000.00 minimum)
c. One-line diagram for proposed system installation and connection
d. Site Plan: depicting roof pitch, Azimuth, location of ground mount on the property showing pitch and Azimuth.
Mail USPS To:                                                             Mail FedEx or UPS To:
ATTN: Stephen Strickland                                           ATTN: Stephen Strickland
Blue Ridge Electric Cooperative                                  Blue Ridge Electric Cooperative
P.O. Box 277                                                                734 West Main Street
Pickens, South Carolina 29671                                   Pickens, South Carolina 29671
 Upon receipt of the completed Application to Interconnect and the accompanying application-fee payment, proof of personal-liability insurance, the one-line diagram and a site plan for the proposed solar system installation and connection, Blue Ridge Electric Cooperative will undertake the following:

Step 1. Site visit to review location of solar system; advise our Member if we observe any concerns related to issues of shading or the physical location of system.


Step 2. Confer with the Member to ensure a clear understanding of “Net Billing”.


Step 3. Review the application to determine that the proposed system meets the Interconnection Standard.

a. The Member will be notified of needed adjustments to meet the standard.
b. Any modified/altered designs will then need to be resubmitted for approval.

Step 4. Mail a letter to both the Member and solar company, certifying the system and providing notice of approval to go forward with the installation. (Once the system has been installed and released by the county having jurisdiction, the Member will then be responsible for notifying the Cooperative to proceed with the metering modifications.)


Step 5. Schedule a time to verify that the installed system meets the Interconnection Standard.
a. Typically, verification occurs within two weeks after the Member has notified the Cooperative.
b. The Member will be notified of any modifications required to meet the standard.
c. Meter will be updated during the next billing cycle.

Step 6. Commission the installation of a pre-programmed, bi-directional, net-metering unit, once the installed solar system has received the required verification.

Requirements for Solar Providers

  • As part of the site-plan diagram, the location of a ground-mount solar system must be clearly marked on the member’s property.  This action would ensure that when the Blue Ridge representative makes a visit to the site, there would be no question about the exact position of the planned solar array.
  • Effective immediately, the cooperative will no longer approve any lineside taps.  Should such a configuration be encountered, the solar-system application would not be approved, nor would the interconnection process be completed.
  • Any plan to install solar equipment upon a power-line right-of-way easement assigned to the cooperative would be prohibited.  Neither project approval nor the interconnection process would go forward until the proposed site of the equipment could be relocated.  The relocation site would need to be situated on ground that rests totally beyond the boundaries of any said right-of-way strip.

Six Tips to Know Before You Make the Switch to SOLAR:

Tips for a Smart, Safe, Informed Decision.


  1. Get more than one QUOTE

Always, and we mean always, get more than one quote. Shop around to make sure you're getting a fair and competitive price. If a company is pressuring you to sign the same day, it's likely because the deal is too good to be true!


  1. Buy LOCAL

A local dealer, like Blue Ridge Electric Co-op, will be more invested and easier to contact when you have questions or need assistance. However, be cautious of high-pressure door-to-door sales and remember, always call someone for a second opinion before you sign a contract.


  1. Make a smart INVESTMENT

If you utilize state and/or federal tax credits, make sure you know the average payback. If you take advantage of tax credits and pay with cash, on average, you could see your return on investment in as little as 8 years. This is a long-term investment so make sure you are getting all the information you need to make a smart, safe, informed decision.


  1. Get the best solar PRODUCTION

For optimal production, ensure that your panels are placed on 75-100 square-feet in a non-shaded area with a SE to SW orientation. The placement of solar panels is key to reaching the required output for your home. Make sure the specified output is verified by your solar company to meet the needs of your home.


  1. Understand your energy BILL

Has someone told you, "With solar you won't have a power bill?" Well, that's just not true. You will have a power bill, and understanding how solar affects your energy costs is important. Call us! We are here to help you understand your bill.


  1. Call your Energy EXPERTS

Has your company gone out of business, or you can't get in touch with a representative from your solar company?  Give us a call. We are here to help with your solar service and maintenance needs!