Members can choose between Levelized and Budget Billing

Budget Levelized Billing


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At Blue Ridge Electric Cooperative, we have a strong awareness of our area climate’s ups and downs.  We recognize that residential members’ electric bills are mostly weather-driven.  Energy consumption is generally higher—usually noticeably so—in the “winter” months (December through March) and the “summer” months (June through September).  During what we call the “shoulder months” (April-May and October-November), household power use usually drops off quite a bit.

The cooperative has two separate, voluntary programs that can prove helpful to managing family finances.  We call them Budget Billing and Levelized Billing.

Budget Billing was introduced just last year.  This program enables a member to pay the same amount each month, based on the average of your previous year’s usage.  Members have demonstrated their approval of Budge Billing by signing up for it in impressive numbers.

Levelized Billing is a similar offering, and it has been available to Blue Ridge members for many years.  Through leveling, the member would pay a monthly amount that equals a rolling average of the previous 12 months of actual billings.  The payment number would vary a little from month to month.  Members who use Levelized Billing also never have a month in which the payment would need to be trued up.

Both of these options are FREE and offer a great way to plan your monthly budget more easily with predictable monthly power bills.  If your budget will benefit from one of these billing options, and you are interested to see if you qualify, please stop by one of our convenient office locations or call our Member Services Center at 800-240-3400.