Maintenance & System Planning

Maintenance & System Planning

System Planning


Our electrical system is maintained through on-going inspections of the facilities annually by section of the Blue Ridge Service territory.

Poles are visually and structurally inspected for their integrity and replaced as needed.

Underground transformers, cabinets and other facilities are inspected for conductive connections using and enclosure integrity. Those underground transformers with capacities over 300 KVA are inspected utilizing infrared scanning technology. When potential problems are discovered, corrective action is proactively scheduled around the members’ operational hours to avoid interruption of service but before the problem can result in an unexpected service interruption.

Blue Ridge takes to heart the saying "those who fail to plan, plan to fail" when it comes to system reliability. Engineering studies are conducted in support of a 20-year long-range plan as well as a 4-year construction work plan. Additionally, power requirement studies are regularly performed to assure that our system will deliver the power both where and when it is needed.

Reviewing operating and maintenance records help identify needed adjustments on the Blue Ridge system. System protective equipment coordination studies keep us on top of any reliability issues that could affect the service supply.

The system's capacities are constantly reviewed to identify areas in our service territory that may have future requirements requiring transmission line improvements, substation additions, line conversions or conductor replacements necessary to meet or maintain system growth mandates. System planning includes other reliability improvement measures such as probability analysis of the experienced problems as well as equipment evaluations for future system upgrades. Improved system reliability by designing it into "sections" in order to isolate effects of faults that can occur on other areas of a line.