Geothermal provides year round efficiency

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One of the most appealing things about our locale is the presence of four distinct seasons throughout the year.  Those seasons go from blazing summers that cool to frigid winters. However, what many people don't realize is that the temperature below ground (regardless of climate or season) stays fairly consistent all year. While air temperatures can vary greatly from day to night or winter to summer, the temperature just a few feet below the earth's surface stays an average 55°-70°F year-round. 

The ground is able to maintain temperature consistency because it absorbs 47% of the sun's heat as it hits the earth's surface. Geothermal systems are able to tap into this free energy with a series of underground pipes called an earth loop. The loop circulates water to move heat energy to and from your home. It's the heart of a geothermal system and its biggest advantage over ordinary heat pumps, air conditioners and fossil fuel furnaces. The type of loop is based on available space, ground composition and installation costs for specific areas.

Most importantly, geothermal systems can save you up to 70% on your heating, cooling, and hot water costs. Does saving money with the greenest, most efficient, most cost effective heat and cooling unit sound appealing to you?  Blue Ridge is partnering with several Water Furnace geothermal heat pump dealers to facilitate installation of these systems.  Right now, there are a number of rebates and tax incentives available making the cost of a geothermal unit very attractive.  The Blue Ridge package includes:

A rebate of $ 1,600.00 / ton (installed by a participating dealer)

Blue Ridge Electric on-bill financing @ 6.5% for up to 7 years for qualifying members

These along with federal and state tax credits make this an affordable option to heat and cool your home for years to come.  Because of the extraordinary efficiency of a WaterFurnace system, most homeowners save more on monthly bills than they pay for the system when installation costs are financed.  Any added investment over traditional equipment is usually recovered in just a few years, and many homeowners see a return on investment of 10-20% over the life of the system.  Click here for more information about our Geothermal program.