Energy Services Department Rollout

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Energy Services

In the interest of staying on the cutting edge when it comes to quality service, your co-op team has embarked on an added course of action.  On August 1st, we established what we’re calling our Energy Services Department.  This department is staffed with a group of employees who are well-equipped to offer expertise across a range of energy-related matters.  A partial listing of these areas of discipline would include solar systems, battery storage, emergency generators, geothermal technology, and electric vehicles.

Among South Carolina’s 20 electric co-ops, Blue Ridge ranks number one when it comes to involvement with solar.  In addition to the 250-kilowatt community solar farm that your co-op maintains, we have more than 300 individual solar systems now in operation at members’ premises. 

The rollout of our Energy Services Department, in part, signals our desire to be engaged at an early stage in a member’s decision-making regarding solar.  Our own experience has demonstrated that some solar dealers have oversold the potential benefits of this renewable power source to a number of Blue Ridge members.  Because we’ve assembled our own solar-installation crew, you can count on our team being upfront about the pros and cons of sun-generated energy.  An inquiring member will receive an honest assessment of the potential savings that might result from a solar array.  In addition, an onsite visit, for instance, would determine the expected effectiveness of rooftop solar panels, based on the roof’s alignment with the sun’s path.

A clear understanding of the total solar picture is especially important, now that “net metering” in our state is being supplanted by “net billing”.  Education is the key to ensuring our members are making the right decisions with their energy spending.  That’s one of the responsibilities we’ve placed on the able shoulders of the trustworthy experts in the co-op’s Energy Services Department

So make these folks your first stop as you contemplate employing any of these new technologies.  We’re here for you!