Drive Electric

With the foundation laid for both electric vehicles and their infrastructure, driving electric is becoming the new norm.  The concerns of the past - speed, driving distance and fueling time, to name a few - are quickly diminishing.  As your Touchstone Energy cooperative, we want to be your source of power and information.  We put together this information to help answer questions you might have.  Take a moment to read the fact sheets in this series.  

EV Overview

Electric vehicles (EVs) are a “hot item” in the auto world, with many auto manufacturers offering at least one model. Electric vehicles provide environmental advantages and, even though they may carry a higher price tag initially, tax credits and lower operating costs often balance out the initial investment.  Click to read this fact sheet to learn more about this technology.

Since electric vehicles are rapidly becoming more widely available, we put together this information to help answer questions you might have.  Four things to consider if you are thinking of purchasing en electric vehicle but aren't sure if one suits your lifestyle or budget.

Electric vehicles are a growing market for new car purchases with more and more people making the switch from the gas station to electrical outlet to fuel their vehicles.  But how and why did this all get started?  Let's step back and take a look at the history of electric transportation.

Each year more shoppers are choosing to forgo gasoline models and opt for new all-electric or plug-in hybrid electric models.  Electric vehicle owners have multiple options when it comes to charging their vehicle.  Charging stations are often categorized into three levels:  Level 1, Level 2 and DC Fast Charge.

EV Battery vs. Plug-In Hybrid

Have you ever wondered what the difference between a battery ev a plug-in hybrid ev is?  For drivers with long commutes or those who take frequent long trips, a battery ev may not provide the desired range.  Plug-in hybrid evs offer an alternative.  Read the fact sheets for each option to discover the advantages, disadvantages and answers to other common questions.

How long will an electric vehicle battery last and what's the price to replace it?  Well, the response is often "it depends".  While there is little agreement in the EV industry as to how long a vehicle battery will last, there is a strong agreement and data that proves that the more energy used from the battery between charges, the shorter the battery's life.