Bad storm? Power's out?

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Bad Storm Power Out


Bad storm? Power’s out? Chances are we already know.

During the past year, Blue Ridge representatives along with additional contractors employed by the co-op have been busy changing residential meters.  The new meters being set are AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) units that provide a wealth of information to members and the co-op alike.  To date almost 44,000 have been changed to this new system with plans to complete the process in early 2019.

For monitoring and billing purposes, this electronic device records electricity consumption during intervals of an hour or less and communicates that info to the co-op on at least a daily basis. 

However, another distinct advantage is being able to know when a storm or other problem has caused a disruption of service to your meter.  All the years of calling when the power was out is over. Now, your meter will notify us if there is a drop in voltage or if it detects a lack of power at your home. Chances are even before you can dial our number and report an outage, your meter has already sent the message that your power is out.  The meter will also let us know when the power has been restored. 

So, if the lights go out, don’t sit with a phone in your hands.  Our qualified employees know you have an outage, and crews are already dispatched, looking for the problem, and will have your power restored as quickly and safely as possible--that’s the Blue Ridge way.