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unclamed capital credits

Revenue sharing in the form of capital credits is one of the major hallmarks of a not-for-profit, cooperative utility. The cooperative uses the annual revenues that exceed operating costs to build equity. These funds, along with borrowed capital, allow Blue Ridge to continue to expand electric service to growing areas, as well as to employ new technologies for the improvement of power quality. Later, as the financial position of the cooperative permits, the assigned margins are returned to the members who originally paid them as part of their electric bills. In April, Blue Ridge Electric Cooperative refunded $1,000,000 in capital credits to its members that were eligible to receive them. Checks were mailed representing margins earned by the cooperative in previous years of operation. Each check amount represented that member’s pro-rata share of the net earnings during the years covered by the payment. In the past 40 years, more than $30.2 million has been forwarded to recipients. Occasionally we do not have updated addresses for our members that have capital credits payable to them and the checks are returned. Click here to view a list of the people who have unclaimed capital credits.