Another milestone achievement

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Milestone Achievement


As I begin my preparations for this monthly report, I find myself basking in a real state of both gratitude and pride.  The focus of those good feelings is another milestone achievement by the Blue Ridge Electric Cooperative workforce.  As of this past August 4th, our employee team had completed four full years of labor without a single lost-time accident.  In even more-impressive mathematical terms, that’s 1,461 consecutive days during which no on-the-job mishap was recorded!

While I’m elated by this accomplishment, I’m truly not surprised.  I can point to at least two major reasons for this notable outcome.  First of all, the cooperative has excellent leadership in the oversight of our safety program.  Our manager of safety and loss control, David Black, is so diligent about promoting safe work practices to all our employees.  He leads by example, and he readily understands that the business of distributing electric power involves a certain measure of danger.

An impressive endorsement

Secondly, I’m pleased to note that our workers, by their actions, have demonstrated an impressive endorsement of this strong emphasis on safety.  There’s a right way of performing every job action that’s part of their work routine.  Our men and women have ample respect for the cooperative’s safety rules and regulations, and it shows in the careful manner in which they perform those many tasks.

It bears repeating that, at Blue Ridge, safety is our number-one priority.  Our earnest desire is that every employee will leave the workplace at the end of each day and return home safely to his or her family.  That level of concern also applies to all the cooperative’s members and to the general population of our service area.


In a typical year, our various work crews will drive more than 2,000,000 miles in the cooperative’s vehicles.  These folks, in addition to their normal construction and maintenance responsibilities, are sometimes called upon to make massive repairs in the wake of severe storm emergencies.  When I contemplate all they’re required to undertake, I’m filled with amazement that, in four years’ time, they’ve done their jobs without suffering a single significant accident.

In response, I have to bow my head before God in thanks for His intercession on our behalf.  My hat is also off to our employees for their enthusiastic embrace of the cooperative’s job training and safety program.  They’re looking out for their fellow workers, in addition to themselves.  In the process, they’re also looking out for you!


Jim Lovinggood

President CEO