All apps are not created equal

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It seems that everyone has an app these days—whether it’s for checking your banking activity, ordering food, playing games or keeping track of your physical activity.  However, the Blue Ridge app has so much to offer with important information about your account and service options.

For starters, whether you have one account or multiple accounts in your name, they are all accessible on the mobile app. As you might imagine, the most used function of the BREC app is the option to pay your bill. It is quick and easy to make only a few selections and have your bill paid.

However, there’s so much other information available…

  • Outage map - Whether outages are widespread or only involve a small number, they can be seen on the app’s outage map.
  • Outage reporting - Need to report your outage?  Don’t make a call, report it on the app. With only a few clicks, your outage will be entered into our outage package.
  • KWh usage – One of the most helpful additions to the BREC app is the ability to track your usage day by day. With options to view 30 days, six months, a year or search by a custom date, your usage is available at your fingertips and you have control over the power you use every day.
  • Weather - Sometimes it is hard to remember what the temperatures were the previous month by the time your bill arrives. With the mobile app, you have the ability to select “high temp” or “low temp” along with several other options to show specific information day-by-day so you can see how your usage was affected. 

If you haven’t downloaded the mobile app, click here. It contains so much information and can make your life as a cooperative member easy every day.